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(Last Update: 01.01.2019)

Data source:

As data basis the officially published weekchart and yearchart of the respective country was consulted.


Number of Movies: 14440
Number of Sequel Selection: 459
Number of Actor Selection: 253
Number of Director Selection: 44
Number of Special Selection: 9

German Movie-Charts:

Period (Month/Year): from 1986 Year-Top100
from 01/1997 Monthly-Top100
from 12/2018 till 12/2018 Top10
Number of Position Entries: 29034 (Last Update: 01.01.2019)

USA Movie-Charts:

Period (Week/Year): from 1930 charts of some special movies
from 01/1982 Top10
from 01/1988 Top15
from 01/1996 Top50
from 01/1997 till 52/2018 Top60
Number of Position Entries: 82481 (Last Update: 01.01.2019)